Dual Occupancy

Stylish and modern duplex house designs in Melbourne

As the most innovative dual occupancy builders in Melbourne, Carter Grange can help you maximise the potential of your home with contemporary designs.

A duplex house plan is ideal for, but not limited to, families who want to stay close to each other but at the same time maintain privacy, or those who’re looking to offer half their property for rent.

We provide an exclusive range of dual occupancy home designs and house plans to suit the taste and objectives of all clients. As expert builders in Melbourne, we offer homeowners the chance to build a duplex house plan and design that is specifically constructed to fit together on a single block.

Our professional team of builders will ensure that your selected modern duplex design plan is guaranteed to stand out on the Melbourne streets for all the right reasons.

Our modern duplex house plans include:

  • Architectural, light-filled design. Semi-commercial, double-glazed windows – enhancing your contemporary or luxury design.
  • Carter Grange modern look, feel and finish. Our modern duplex designs are achieved by high doors, no architraves (plaster reveals) and fine skirting.
  • Designer specifications. Our design ideas include flooring and LEDs throughout your new dual occupancy home.
  • Energy efficient 6-star design. Hebel: the better way to build. Better acoustic qualities and enjoy the energy savings.

Unlock the wealth of your land and discover if a dual occupancy house plan and home design, or a knock down and rebuild, will work for your property and budget – contact Carter Grange today, the qualified dual occupancy builders in Melbourne.

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Experience the Hudson 31 – the epitome of modern duplex designs.

A dual occupancy development can also be known as multi-dwelling, duplex and “dual occ”.